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Discover Why Dental Bridges Are Essential

March 25, 2024

If you're dealing with missing teeth, you may feel self-conscious about sharing your smile or have difficulty chewing. The team at Living Smiles Dentistry is here to help! We offer top-notch solutions for replacing missing teeth, including fixed dental bridges.

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

When you have gaps from missing teeth, it can lead to several problems. Nearby teeth may drift or tilt into the empty space over time, while teeth in the opposite jaw might slowly shift downward towards that gap. These changes can impact your overall oral health and function, making replacing missing teeth essential. A dental bridge is an effective solution for filling these gaps, giving you a complete smile and restoring full function to the affected area.

Traditional Fixed Bridges: An Age-Old Approach

A traditional fixed dental bridge provides a reliable method of care. It fills the gaps left by missing teeth with artificial ones called "pontics," gaining support from the adjacent natural teeth on both sides. The number of supporting adjacent teeth depends on the number and location of missing teeth being replaced.

After creation and fitting, a dental bridge will be permanently fixed or cemented in place. Similar to crowns, these bridges are designed to mimic the look of natural teeth while re-establishing a comfortable and healthy bite.

Innovative Implant-Supported Bridges: A Modern Solution

Today, dental implants offer a versatile and advanced alternative to traditional fixed bridges. Unlike conventional bridges, they preserve the integrity of your remaining teeth by providing support without needing them prepped or crowned. Dental implants can also help maintain bone health in areas without teeth, preventing sagging and maintaining facial contours. By stimulating the surrounding bone, dental implants prevent the shrinkage typically associated with tooth loss.

At Living Smiles Dentistry, we prioritize every aspect of your smile to develop a personalized treatment plan that provides beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting results. Reach out to our office today for more information on dental bridges or any other services we offer.


Dental bridges are essential if you're dealing with missing teeth. They not only help restore your smile but also prevent potential problems related to shifting teeth and deteriorating jawbone density. Whether traditional or implant-supported, our skilled professionals at Living Smiles Dentistry can guide you through the process of choosing the best bridge option for your unique needs.