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Discovering Dental Bridges: A Solution to Missing Teeth

April 30, 2024

Are you tired of dealing with missing teeth? Do you feel self-conscious about sharing your smile or struggle with eating certain foods because of gaps in your teeth? At the office of Living Smiles Dentistry, we offer a range of solutions for replacing missing teeth, including dental bridges. Our dedicated staff is committed to helping every patient enjoy the benefits of a complete and beautiful smile.

The impact of missing teeth on your oral health

When you have missing teeth, it's not just about the gaps in your smile. Over time, several changes can occur that affect your overall dental health and jaw function. Nearby teeth may drift or tilt into the space left by a missing tooth, while teeth on the opposite jaw could slowly shift downward towards this area. Considering these potential consequences, replacing missing teeth is essential to maintain optimal oral health and function.

Traditional dental bridges: A reliable solution

A traditional dental bridge offers a tried-and-true approach to care. It replaces the missing teeth with artificial teeth called "pontics" while receiving support from each end from prepared and crowned natural teeth. The number of adjacent teeth crowned and prepared all depends on the number of teeth and locations of the missing teeth getting replaced.

Once fabricated and fitted, a dental bridge will be permanently fixed or cemented in place. Like crowns, conventional bridges are meticulously designed to restore the look of natural teeth and create a functional, comfortable, and healthy bite.

Implant-supported bridges: A modern approach

Today, dental implants offer a versatile and advanced alternative to traditional fixed bridges. Unlike conventional bridges, which require the preparation of adjacent natural teeth for support, implant-supported bridges preserve the integrity of these teeth by using dental implants as anchors instead. Dental implants also provide ongoing stimulation to the surrounding bone to prevent the shrinkage that typically accompanies tooth loss, helping to maintain normal facial contours and prevent sagging.

At our office, we analyze every aspect of your smile to develop a personalized treatment plan that provides aesthetically pleasing, healthy, and long-lasting results. Contact us today for more information on dental bridges or any services we provide.